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  • Prysmian and Draka Cable Legacy OM2 Graded-Index Multimode Fibre Cable 50/125 μm (1300 nm bandwidth optimized)

    Legacy 850 nm Laser-Optimized OM2 50 !m Multimode Fibre.

    This graded-index multimode fibre has a 50 1m core diameter and a 125 1m cladding diameter. The fibre is designed for use at 1300 nm and can also be used at 850 nm and is suitable for use in premises cabling applications, like Local Area Networks (including backbone, riser and horizontal) with video, data and/or voice services using LED, VCSEL and Fabry-Perot laser sources at 850 nm or 1300 nm.

    This multimode fibre assures full compatibility with legacy systems, like Fast Ethernet, FDDI, ATM, Fibre Channel and 1Gb/s Ethernet. Because of the nature of the Plasma-activated Chemical Vapor Deposition (PCVD and APVDTM) manufacturing process, this fibre offers the highest bandwidth available in the market.

    Standards references: The fibre complies with or exceeds ITU Recommendation G.651.1, IEC 60793-2-10 type A1a.1 Optical Fibre Specification, TIA/EIA-492AAAB detail specification and Telcordia GR-20-CORE and GR-409-CORE specifications.

    • Produced by the PCVD and APVDTM processes, the ultimate processes for graded- index multimode fibres
    • Coated with the dual layer UV Acrylate

    • Superior geometry, uniformity and purity of glass
    • PCVD and APVDTM produced multimode fibres show excellent modal bandwidth performance
    • Optimized performance in tight-buffer cable applications
    • High resistance to micro-bending
    • Stable performance over a wide range of environmental conditions
    • Improved an easier strippability of tight buffer coatings

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