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  • Superior Essex Cable ADP NMS Compact Design 6 x 24 Solid Annealed Copper Cable

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    The ADP NMS 6 x 24 Compact Design features a black abrasion resistant PVC-jacket and is used to extend telephone service to subscriber premises from the distribution cable or cable terminal. The product features four fiberglass yarns that provide all the longitudinal strength necessary. Simple access procedures allow for quick and easy installation with the small standard off the shelf industry hardware. This product offers 6-pair in the size and shape of the traditional 3-pair product. Each conductor is insulated with solid polyolefin in distinctive colors. The insulation of the tip conductor is marked with a stripe of the mating ring insulation color to reduce the possibility of splitting pairs during installation. A black, weather resistant, polyvinyl chloride jacket is extruded over the strength members and rip cord to protect the core from mechanical damage. The jacket bonds to the fiber glass strength members to provide the required strength characteristics.

    • Non-metallic or fiberglass strength members
    • Rip cord

    • Provide necessary longitudinal strength
    • Facilitates jacket removal

    Conductor: Solid annealed copper

    Insulation: Polyolefin

    Core Assembly: Individual conductors are carefully twisted into pairs in a manner designed to minimize resistance unbalance

    Strength Members: Non-metallic or fiberglass strength members placed in jacket parallel to core assembly

    Rip cord: Placed parallel to the core

    Jacket: Weather-resistant PVC

    Performance Compliance:
    • GR-3163-CORE as applicable
    • ANSI/ICEA S-89-648-2011
    • RoHS-compliant

    NRTL Programs: UL® Listed

    dimensions approx.
    standard length
    ft (m)
    package Superior
    Essex Cable
    part number
    in (mm)
    in (mm)
    24 (0.51) 6 0.21 (5.3) 0.38 (9.7) 50 (74) 600 (183) POP™ box 12-801-08
    24 (0.51) 6 0.21 (5.3) 0.38 (9.7) 50 (74) 1,000 (305) reel 12-802-08

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