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  • Superior Essex Cable 24 AWG Composite Right of Way Series MR Cable MR0723011

    The Composite Right of Way Series MR cable is designed to meet the network requirements for both twisted copper pair and optical fiber. The small 0.65 inch (16.6 mm) profile of this design easily fits into a 1-inch conduit. The cable operates within a temperature range of -40˚C to +70˚C, provides a maximum tensile strength of 600 lbs, and incorporates 12, 24 AWG twisted copper pairs and up to 72 strands of optical fiber. The core, 12 pairs of 24 AWG gel-filled copper, is surrounded by 12 gel-filled tubes each containing 6 optical fibers. The core is waterblocked with super absorbent polymers and then encased in a steel armor. Two steel rods for anti-buckling are included in the outer jacket.

    • Fiber and twisted copper pair
    • Single unit construction
    • Available with up to 72-fiber
    • Small nominal diameter

    • Offers the maximum bandwidth for FTTP business, etc.
    • Lower installation costs
    • High capacity
    • Suitable for small (1 inch) conduit applications

    Conductor: 12-pair 24 AWG (0.51 mm) solid annealed copper

    Core Filling: Thixotropic gel

    Construction: Stranded loose tube design features optical fibers placed inside a PFM™ gel-filled tube

    Fiber Count: Up to 72 optical fibers

    Water Block: Super absorbent polymer tape

    Shield: Corrugated steel armor

    Strength Members: Two steel strength members embedded in jacket

    Jacket: MDPE

    Standards Compliance: Telcordia® GR-20-CORE ICEA S-84-608-2007

    fiber type nominal
    in (mm)
    install bend
    in (mm)
    maximum tensile load Superior Essex
    Part Number
    lbs (n)
    long term
    lbs (n)
    72 rwp smf 0.65 (16.6) 160 (237) 13 (332) 600 (2,700) 200 (890) MR0723011

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