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  • Prysmian and Draka Cable ezDISTRIBUTION Indoor Tight Buffered Ribbon stranded loose tube cable

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    Indoor/Outdoor Design
    • Saves space and time by eliminating splices at the cable vault 
    • Can be installed using typical loose tube cable methods and hardware 

    Flame Retardant Construction
    • Riser design complies with UL 1666 and is OFNR and OFN-FT4 rated 
    • LSZH design complies with UL 1685 and is OFN-LS and OFN-FT1 rated 

    Compact Design
    • Efficient packaging of higher fiber counts 
    • Lightweight and easy to handle during installation 

    Easily Removable Ribbon Matrix 
    • Allows for ease of stripping and fiber breakout 
    • Improves mid-span strippability 

    Precision Ribbon Geometry:- Time and labor savings during fiber splicing 

    Flexible Buffer Tubes
    • Increased flexibility and kink resistance 
    • Facilitates route management in closures 
    • Eliminates need for closure transportation tubing 

    Dry Water-Blocking Technology
    • Permits rapid cable preparation and termination 
    • Water-blocking materials are easily removed 

    Multiple Buffer Tubes Stranded in Reverse Oscillated Lay
    • Facilitates mid-span access of fibers 
    • Simplifies handling and management of ribbons 
    • Individual fibers/ribbons can be accessed more quickly and safely

    flame rating fiber
    12f ribbons
    buffer tube od cable od cable weight max. length
    (mm) (inches) (mm) (inches) (mm) (inches) (mm) (inches)
    riser 288-432 2-6 6 6.2 0.24 22.6 0.84 405 272 5,867 5,867
    low-smoke, zero-halogen 288-432 2-6 6 6.2 0.24 22.6 0.84 415 278 19,244 19,244

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