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  • Prysmian and Draka Cabe ezRIBBON Interconnect High density Ribbon Cable

    Overview: Prysmian’s ezRIBBON interconnect cable is the perfect indoor fiber cable for easy routing and patching in space constrained applications. Frequently used in data centers, multi-dwelling units and central offices, ezRIBBON combines a compact rectangular shape, a tight tolerance 12 fiber ribbon and the leading bend insensitive fiber into a single cable solution.

    Product Snapshot:

    Applications: Multi-fiber interconnections. Frequently used for patching between equipment / panels in data centers, SAN, central offices, wall outlets, communication closets and head ends

    Constructions: 12 fibers in a ribbon (planar) arrangement, encased with aramid strength yarns and a flexible flame

    Flame Ratings: Plenum (OFNP / FT6)

    Fiber Count: 12

    Fiber Types: Single-mode / bend-insensitive single-mode / bend-Insensitive multimode fibers 50/125-OM2+, OM3 and OM4

    Standards: ANSI / ICEA S-83-596, Telcordia GR-409 RoHS Compliant

    Registered Supplier: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TL 9000, and OHSAS 18001

    Features and Benefits:

    Compact Cable Design:
    • 12 fiber ribbon in a flame retardant jacket
    • Easily routed in restricted spaces and cable management raceway
    • Rectangular design lays flat against wall surfaces

    Compatible with Multi-fiber Connectors:
    • Designed for use with multi-fiber MT/MPO style connectors
    • Suitable for use with fan-out kits

    Flame-Retardant Safety:
    • NFPA-262/CSA
    • OFNP / FT-6

    Nominal Design Parameters
    ezRIBBON | Plenum FRP Series OFNP/FT-6 Rated

    # of 12 fiber
    inches (mm)
    cable weight
    lb/kft (kg/km)
    bend radius
    inches (cm)
    bend radius
    no load
    inches (cm)
    max installation
    (pull strength)
    lbs (newtons)
    max operation
    lbs (newtons)
    12 1 .180 x .088 (4.6 x 2.2) 7.1 (10.6) 2 (8.5) 1 (2.5) 50 (220) 15 (66)

    Temperature Range
    shipping and storage: installation: operation:
    -4° f to +176° f +32° f to +122° f +32° f to +158° f
    (-20° c to +80° c) (0° c to +50° c) (0° c to +70° c)

    Mechanical Specifications
    maximum installation load: maximum operation load:
    50 lbf (220 n) 15 lbf (66 n)

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