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    HF30 Outside Plant Central Loose Tube Single Jacket non-Armored Cable

    Product Description:

     This cable is composed of the option of 2-12 fibers and a black polyethylene jacket.  The simplicity of the cable’s design makes for easy handling and installation.  It is compact and flexible which is often an admired trait when routing cable.  The HF30 cable is an excellent option for outdoor applications because of its loose tube construction.  The gel-filled, loose tube system is better suited for outdoor installation because the fibers are given extra space to move; therefore when there is expansion and contraction within the cable due to change in temperature, there is no stress on the interior components.  The outer jacket is flame retardant and serves as protection from UV rays and moisture.  This cable has a maximum crush resistance of 150 lbs/in (263N/cm). 


     This fiber cable is designed to serve as a backbone for voice and data communications.  The cable assists in transmitting these lines from building to building and can be installed in duct or conduit.  The cable can also be aerially lashed.  The HF30 cable is a great option for use in areas with drastic temperature changes as the loose tube system eliminates stress that is put on the cables when temperatures change. 


    -                This cable is in compliance with ANSI/TIA/EIA 568B.3.  This specification is required for cables that are installed in commercial buildings.

    -                This cable is ETL Verified.  The ETL Verified mark certifies that the cable product conforms to certain standards.

    -                This cable is in compliance with ICEA S-87-640, a standard that is required for cables to be deemed acceptable for use in outdoor plants.

    -                This cable meets GR-20 Water Blocking requirements.


    -                Fibers

    • The HF30 cable comes with the option of 2-12 fibers depending on the desired rigidity.


    -                Central Tube

    • The central loose tube is gel-filled to block the flow of water and to prevent the fibers from being damaged when the temperature drops below freezing.

    -                Jacket

    • The black outer jacket is composed of polyethylene.  The jacket is UV and moisture resistant and bears sequential footage markings for reference.
    Catalog Number Fiber Count # of Loose Tubes Nom. Cable Diameter Inch Nom. Cable Weight Lbs/1000' Max.Tensile
     Load Install Lbs
    Load Long
    Term Lbs
    Min. Bend
    Install Inch
    Min. Bend
    Radius Long
    Term Inch
    303002XL05 2 1 0.340 39.7 600 200 6.8 3.4
    303004XL05 4 1 0.340 39.7 600 200 6.8 3.4
    303006XL05 6 1 0.340 39.7 600 200 6.8 3.4
    303008XL05 8 1 0.340 39.7 600 200 6.8 3.4
    303012XL05 12 1 0.340 39.7 600 200 6.8 3.4

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