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  • Superior Essex Cable Tight Twist Distribution Frame Wire DFW Cable

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    Tight Twist Distribution Frame Wire is necessary for the deployment of both xDSL and HI-CAP (T-1/HDSL) circuits within the distribution frames of central offices. This higher capacity frame wire is manufactured with a tight twist to minimize the impacts of electromagnetic interferences within this indoor environment. The Tight Twist Distribution Frame Wire is available in a 24 gauge size with a heavy duty flame retardant PVC insulation. Heavy duty in this application means a higher level of abrasion resistance, higher cut through and a higher temperature rating. The 22 AWG product is intended for use on main distribution frames (conventional type), while the 24 AWG is intended for use on COSMIC (Modular) distributing frames. The product is available in various put-ups.

    • 24 AWG solid tinned annealed copper
    • Heavy duty, high temperature, high stress insulation
    • Twisting sufficient to meet xDSL requirements

    • Facilitates solid connection
    • Added protection for long wire runs
    • Twist pattern sufficient for xDSL transmission level

    Conductor: Tinned copper

    Insulation: Flame retardant PVC

    Performance Compliance:
    • ASTM B33 - Tinned Copper
    • UL® 444
    • CSA C22.2 No. 214-08
    • Applicable GR-136 Core requirement for high stress applications
    • RoHS-compliant/RoHS 2-compliant

    NRTL Programs: UL, c(UL) Listed CM

    • xDSL
    • HI-CAP
    • T-1/HDSL
    • High stress use

    awg (mm) insulation
    in (mm)
    standard length
    ft (m)
    package Superior Essex
    Cable part number
    24 (0.5) violet/blue 0.07 (1.8) 500 (152) spool 12-217-T5
    24 (0.5) violet/blue 0.07 (1.8) 1,000 (305) spool 12-218-T5

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