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  • Superior Essex Cable 22 AWG PowerWise 1G 4PPoE CMR-LP/CMP-LP Cable

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    PowerWise™ 1G 4PPoE cables provide the best performance and overall value for 4 Pair Power over Ethernet (4PPoE) applications requiring up to 100W of power and up to 1 Gigabit Ethernet performance. PowerWise 1G 4PPoE cables are specifically designed to mitigate temperature build‑up, offer exceptional energy efficiency and ensure performance (up to 1 Gigabit Ethernet) over the lifetime of your system.

    PowerWise 1G 4PPoE cable provides the performance benefits of a typical CAT 5E cable including a small diameter. Cable temperature increases are reduced and power efficiency is increased as a result of 22 gauge conductors. Plenum rated conductors are also 100% FEP insulated and ensure cable performance over the life of your system. PowerWise 1G 4PPoE cables are the best solution to connect and power your 4PPoE applications compared to standard CAT 5e and 6 designs.

    • UL Certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
    • Health Product Declaration™ (HPD™)
    • Guaranteed 0.3 dB headroom for IL, ACR and PSACR
    • Tested 350 MHz
    • Tested in most severe temperature conditions in bundle of 100 cables
    • CableID® alpha numeric code printed every 2 feet
    • QuickCount® marking system in feet and meters
    • ColorTip® circuit identification system
    • Color coded box labels
    • HDBaseT Class A and B certified
    • UL LP listed
    • Temperature cable rating: 75°C for CMR and 90°C for CMP

    • Contributes toward 1 LEED credit under the Material and Resources credit (MRc)
    • Contributes toward 1 LEED credit under the MRc
    • Performance assurance for exceptional overall channel performance
    • Assures ample bandwidth Headroom
    • AWG 22 insulated wire offers 88% power efficiency and lowest temperature increase inside a bundle, the best of its class
    • Allows both ends of a cable run to be easily identifiable without the need to separately label or tone the cable
    • Provides remaining length of cable on reel
    • Easily identifiable conductor mates even in low-light environments
    • Easily identifies jacket colors
    • Ideal for any A/V applications up to 100m channel
    • Third-party assurance of product safety in high-heat and high-power applications
    • Temperature rating of the insulation AND of the jacket provide improved cable lifespan despite high-heat and high‑power applications

    Pair Count: 4

    Conductor: Solid annealed copper

    AWG (mm): 22 (0.64)

    • CMR: Polyolefin
    • CMP: FEP

    Insulation Colors:
    • Pair 1: ColorTip Light Blue, Blue
    • Pair 2: ColorTip Light Orange, Orange
    • Pair 3: ColorTip Light Green, Green
    • Pair 4: ColorTip Light Brown, Brown

    • CMR: Flame retardant (FR) PVC
    • CMP: FR, low smoke PVC

    Characteristic Impedance Ohms: 100 ± 15

    Nominal Velocity of Propagation %:
    • CMR: 71
    • CMP: 74

    Performance Compliance:
    • UL 444
    • CSA C22.2 No. 214-08
    • UL 1666
    • NFPA 262
    • ANSI/TIA-568-C.2
    • ANSI/ICEA S-90-661-2012
    • Article 800, NEC (NFPA 70)
    • HDBaseT Class A and B

    NRTL Programs:
    • UL Verified CAT 5e
    • UL listed CMR-LP (0.5)
    • c(UL) listed CMR
    • UL Listed CMP-LP (0.6)
    • c(UL) Listed CMP
    • HDBaseT Certified

    • UL Certified EPD
    • HPD
    • USGBC® Member
    • RoHS-compliant/RoHS 2-compliant
    • REACH-compliant

    • 10BASE-T through 1000BASE-T Ethernet
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) – IEEE 802.3af
    • PoE+ – IEEE 802.3at Type 1 and 2
    • 4PPoE – IEEE 802.3bt Type 3 and 4 draft D1.2
    • ATM and token ring
    • HDBaseT Class A and B

    awg (mm) nominal
    diameter in (mm)
    approx. weight
    lbs/kft (kg/km)
    package packages
    per pallet
    listing superior essex
    cable part number¹
    22 (0.64) 0.23 (4.6) 28 (25) 1,000 ft brakebox® 12 cmr PW52-H46-X5
    22 (0.64) 0.23 (4.6) 28 (25) 1,000 ft plywood reel 16 cmr PW52-H72-X5
    22 (0.64) 0.23 (4.8) 37 (28) 1,000 ft brakebox® 12 cmp PW52-H46-X8
    22 (0.64) 0.23 (4.8) 27 (28) 1,000 ft plywood reel 16 cmp PW52-H72-X8

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