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  • SMPTE Hybrid Fiber Cable Tester

    The only tester needed for hybrid fiber camera cables, the SMPTE-304TS has a portable, hand-held design and provides over 40 hours of continuous use without recharging. The tester’s intuitive diagnostic OLED backlit display graphically depicts which contact is defective or pinned out incorrectly. 

    An optional SMPTE launch cable can be used to zero out the tester and see exact insertion loss. 

    Features & Benefits: 
    • Compact, Hand-Held Design 
    • Compatible with All SMPTE 304 Standard Cables 
    • Rechargeable Battery Lasts for More than 40 Hours Tests Both Electrical and Optical Circuits 
    • Checks All Conductors (Pin for Pin) and Fibers 
    • Ruggedized ABS Plastic Carrying Case 
    • Intuitive Diagnostic OLED Backlit Display 
    • Easily Seen in Direct Sunlight or at Night 
    • Graphically Depicts Which Contact is Defective or Pinned Out Incorrectly 

    • HD Trucks 
    • Sports/Events Broadcasting 
    • Fixed or Mobile Facilities

    set frame connectors display insertion
    accessories included general cable and
    gepco brand
    part number
    (1)optical source
    black aluminum,
    6” h x 3”w x 2”d
    (each unit)
    smpte 304
    steel with upc polish
    on fiber contacts
    oled backlit
    100x160 resolution
    ≤ 0.5 db >45 db Ruggedized ABS Plastic Carrying,
    Rechargeable NiMH
    Battery with Charger, 6’
    USB to USB-Mini
    Charging Cable
    test set

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