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  • 9.2 mm Hybrid Fiber Optic Heavy Duty Cable

    Gepco® Brand extra-durable 9.2 mm hybrid fiber cable provides improved durability in high-definition camera-to-CCU interconnects. In addition to the steel strength member and nylon-based polymer fiber coating, each fiber optic element has a Kevlar® wrap and PVC jacket for greater strength and protection. For the power elements, HDC920HD utilizes two signal and four auxiliary conductors. All copper elements now feature heat-resistant PE insulation and are shielded by a dense 95% copper braid. For additional durability, the outer jacket is made with an extra-tough polyurethane compound that is exceptionally abrasion- and puncture-resistant. 

    Features & Benefits
    • Ultra-Low Attenuation 
    • SMPTE 311 Compliant 
    • Single-Mode Optical Glass Fibers with Kevlar® & PVC Jackets 
    • Proprietary Fiber Coating for Increased Tensile Strength 
    • Six Copper Conductors 
    • Heat-Resistant 
    • Strength Member for Additional Durability 
    • Copper Braid Shield 
    • Heavy-Duty Polyurethane Jacket 

    • High-Definition Camera-to-CCU Interconnect 
    • Portable Cables 
    • Studio or Remote Environments

    Mechanical Specifications (General)
    master jacket
    (type, colors)
    overall shield approx.
    general cable 
    gepco brand 
    part number
                   heavy-duty 9.2 mm hybrid camera cable
    9.2 mm polyurethane, black 95% tc braid 95 lbs/mft
    (142 kg/km)
                   glossy heavy-duty 9.2 mm hybrid camera cable
    9.2 mm polyurethane, black 95% tc braid 100 lbs/mft
    (149 kg/km)
    Mechanical Specifications (Components)
    component number type insulation (type, od) color code
    optical 2 single-mode fiber optic
    (8.3μm mode field,
    125μm cladding)
    cpe fiber coating,kevlar®
    wrap,tight tube pvc jacket,
    0.062” (1.58 mm) finished o.d.
    one blue, one yellow
    signal 2 24 awg (7x32) stranded tc pe, 0.045” (1.14 mm) one red, one gray
    auxiliary 4 20 awg (19x32) stranded tc pe, 0.060” (1.52 mm) two white, two black
    strength member 1 16 awg stranded steel pvc, 0.084” (2.13 mm) one white

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