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  • HW291 HL Listed CIR Instrumentation Cable Individually Shielded Pairs + Ground 0.6/1kV 90°C Gexol Insulation

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    HW291 HL Listed CIR® Instrumentation Cable Individually Shielded Pairs + Ground 0.6/1kV 90° Gexol® Insulation cable is UL approved for use in hazardous locations as well as for use on marine vessels or offshore structures.  The cable’s ability to tolerate heavy impact without being crushed makes it the perfect cable to handle tasks at sea.  The outer jacket is composed of a thermoset compound that is impervious to the corrosive effects of salt water and oil.  Installation within cable tray is recommended for this cable, however the cable meets UL ratings for TC-ER and TC-ER-HL, deeming the product safe to make exposed runs while still functioning safely.

    The HW291 HL Listed CIR® Instrumentation Cable Individually Shielded Pairs + Ground 0.6/1kV 90° Gexol® Insulation cable pairs the flexible, crush-resistant integrity of CIR® cables with the virtually impenetrable protection of Gexol® polyolefin insulation.  The combination equates to an extremely resilient, long lasting assembly that can tolerate some of the harshest abuse Mother Nature is capable of dishing out.  The construction of this product consists of tinned copper conductors that are formed into pairs or triads and wrapped in Gexol® insulation.  A polyester-backed foil tape for shielding then covers the insulation.  The tinned copper CIR® conductors are a preferred alternative to Type MC due to their smaller bend radius.  CIR® conductors also offer less tray fill with a smaller overall cable radius.  The entire assembly is jacketed with a black thermoset compound that is flame retardant and defends the conductors against oil, sunlight, corrosive chemicals, and abrasion.

    Instrumentation Cable Color Legend:

    Pairs Black, White
    Triads Black, White, Red

    Size (mm2) Pairs
    Nominal Diameter
    (lbs./1000 ft.)
    DC Resistance
    at 20 Degrees C (Ohms/1000 ft.)
    Product Code
    HWC Part #
    16 1.3 1 0.431 106 4.52 HW291 01601 /
    16 1.3 2 0.725 279 4.52 HW291 01602 /
    16 1.3 4 0.770 340 4.52 HW291 01604 /
    16 1.3 8 1.075 702 4.52 HW291 01608 /
    16 1.3 12 1.235 1062 4.52 HW291 01612 /
    16 1.3 24 1.650 1560 4.52 HW291 01624 /

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