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  • 600 Volt UL Type MC-HL, CT Use, Single Pair and Triad

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    • Impervious Continuously Welded Armor - Instrumentation Cable
    • 600 Volt UL Type MC-HL, CT Use, 90°C
    • Single Pair and Triad - Shielded
    • Multiple Shielded Pairs or Triads with Overall Shield
    • Aluminum Armor
    • Copper Conductors

    For use in harsh environments where maximum conductor and electrostatic interference protection is required. Impervious armor prevents the entrance of water, gas and corrosive elements into the electrical core. Used for instrumentation and process and control applications in a broad range of commercial and industrial pulp and paper, mining, and petroleum applications. Approved for continuous use at 90°C in wet or dry locations, 130°C for emergency overload conditions, and 250°C for short circuit conditions. May be installed indoors or outdoors, aerially, in conduits, ducts, cable trays or direct burial in circuits not exceeding 600 volts. UL listed, Type MC-HL per UL Standard 2225 for use in Class I, Division I hazardous locations. Impervious continuously welded and corrugated aluminum armor cable is recommended as an economical alternative to wire in conduit systems.

    Soft bare annealed copper per ASTM B-3, Class B stranding per ASTM B-8 (compressed) or ASTM B-496 (compact).

    Heat- and moisture-resistant PVC.

    Conductor Jacket:
    Clear nylon

    Individual Shield:
    Aluminum-polymer tape providing 100% coverage with a flexible 7-strand tinned copper drain wire.

    Overall Shield:
    Aluminum-polymer tape providing 100% coverage with a flexible 7-strand tinned copper drain wire.

    Inner Jacket:
    Flame-retardant PVC

    Impervious continuously welded and corrugated aluminum.

    Black sunlight-resistant PVC.

    Flame Tests:

    • UL 1581 70,000 BTU/hr flame test
    • ICEA 70,000 BTU/hr and 210,000 BTU/hr flame test
    • IEEE 383 70,000 BTU/hr flame test

    Color Code:

    • ICEA Method 9: black and white for pairs and black, white and red for triads with printed number

    Additional Standards:

    • UL listed, NEC Type MC, UL Standard 1569
    • UL listed Type CWCMC to IEEE 45/IEEE 1580 (46 CFR Part 111.60-23) Marine Shipboard Cable.
    • Meets requirements of CSA-C22.2 No. 0.3, -40°C cold impact test


    • Explosion Proof, Class I Division 1: 424MA series – all nickel-plated aluminum
    • Rain Tight: 416MC series – all nickel-plated brass
    Pair or Triad Class 1 Div. 2
    Connector No.
    Rain Tight
    Connector No.
    Diameter Inch
    Inner Jacket Overall
    Diameter Inch
    Diameter Inch
    Net Weight
    Catalog Number
    16 2 Pair 424MA02 416MC02 0.44 0.29 0.54 144 HW305 1601P /

    16 4 Pair 424MA02 416MC02 0.48 0.31 0.58 165 HW305 1601T /

    16 8 Pair 424MA03 416MC04 0.70 0.50 0.80 255 HW305 1602P /

    16 12 Pair 424MA03 416MC04 0.84 0.61 0.94 355 HW305 1604P /

    16 24 Pair 424MA04 416MC05 0.92 0.68 1.02 430 HW305 1604T /

    16 36 Pair 424MA04 416MC05 1.07 0.79 1.17 560 HW305 1606T /

    16 1 Pair 424MA04 416MC05 1.02 0.76 1.12 518 HW305 1608P /

    16 1 Triad 424MA05 416MC06 1.19 0.93 1.29 675 HW305 1612P /

    16 2 Pair 424MA06 416MC08 1.56 1.21 1.68 1170 HW305 1624P /

    16 3 Pair 424MA07 416MC08 1.80 1.41 1.92 1607 HW305 1636P /

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