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  • PowrServ Duplex Al Conductor Composite XLPE/HDXLPE Insulation UL Type USE-2 AR Underground Distribution Cable 600V

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    We cannot never ignore the many exemplary features of aluminum conductor in the power distribution system. Especially when it comes to underground distribution of power where a cable must be strong enough against abrasion, cuts and destruction by the human sabotage. A duplex conductor cable is made up of one live conductor and one neutral, also known as one phase configuration. For the cable to be complete, it must have one live, one neutral and a superb insulation which is resistant to any damage. Baring the fact that the cable is to be installed underground, the cable has to be well protected. An insulation which is made from a composite polyethylene material is the one preferred most.

    Why Composite Insulation
    Insulation helps to protect the users from getting into contact with live conductors. The insulation system also serves in preventing short circuiting which results into power loss and damage of electrical cables. It should also protect the cables from mechanical damages. Therefore an insulator has to be very reliable in providing all these services. Composite insulation is very competent and reliable. Composites are types of material which are formed my combining other materials to achieve a desirable quality. Cross-linked polyethylene is the composite insulator for this conductor, therefore the duplex Aluminum conductor is a safer cable to go by. Its life span is guaranteed because of the powerful insulation system.

    The composite insulation used meets the requirements according to the standards as per the ANSI. This insulation has high density. And can tolerate the high maximum conduction temperature of 90 degrees Celsius without melting.

    Conductor Classes
    We use the Aluminum conductors in making these cables because it has more benefits compared to other conductors like copper. The conductors used to make the duplex Aluminum cables are categorized as follows
    • Class B
    • SIW compressed
    All these classes of cables are very good and any duplex cable made from them still serves the quality service.

    Features and Benefits
     The most crucial distinctive feature of the cables is their double composite insulation structure to help achieve a high degree protection against all the damages, cuts, sabotages and abrasions which may be experienced during installation. The other feature of this cable is that the conductor operating temperature is about 90 degrees Celsius, this is according to the NEC standards of compliance. Even in the non-code compliance standards, the installation is within the conductor temperature to a maximum of 90 degrees Celsius.

    The duplex cables are used to operate on applications whose voltage ratings are 600 volts and below. This specific cable is mainly for use in the underground distribution of power. It is therefore good to consider the duplex Aluminum conductor with composite insulation when you want to install service drop for underground distribution.

    I am of the opinion that this article was very useful to you when you want to consider making a single phase underground power distribution. Kindly be checking in the site for more resources and find it free to contact us via Live Chat.

    phase conductor neutral conductor eff.
    approx. weight
    lb/1000 ft
    ampacity (2) pkg.1000
    feetreel (3)
    code word
    al total direct
    4 7 0.030 0.030 4 7 0.030 0.030 0.69 78 127 145 90 nr 24.18 delgado/ar/eys
    2 7 0.030 0.030 2 7 0.030 0.030 0.81 125 185 185 120 nr 27.18 everett/ar/eys
    1/0 19 0.040 0.040 1/0 19 0.040 0.040 1.02 199 293 235 160 nr 32.24 -none-
    2/0 19 0.040 0.040 2/0 19 0.040 0.040 1.11 250 355 270 185 nr 32.24 findlay/ar/eys
    3/0 19 0.040 0.040 3/0 19 0.040 0.040 1.21 315 432 305 210 nr 36.24 -none-
    4/0 19 0.040 0.040 4/0 19 0.040 0.040 1.32 398 528 350 245 nr 40.24 hanover/ar/eys

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