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    Lightning strikes are random and unpredictable events that can cause fires, extensive physical damage to buildings and property, and power surges that can have disastrous effects on electrical systems and electronics. The repercussions of one lightning strike can be devastating financially in terms of lost revenue and repair/replacement costs. It is important to set up a lightning protection system for those at high risk. The Aluminum Lightning Protection Cable is a flexible cable that connects the air terminals where the lightning is intercepted to the grounding electrodes where the lightning is dispersed into the ground. This completed system provides a direct conductive path for the current, decreasing the damage done to the structure. This cable is used as part of lightning protection systems in factories, power stations, drilling rigs, transformer stations, and telecommunication buildings. It is used in multi-residential buildings, farms, churches, schools, and hospitals.

    The Aluminum Lightning Protection cable is constructed with Class I and Class II aluminum conductors. The aluminum is annealed and rope-lay-stranded for flexibility of the cable. Aluminum can maintain the same conductivity as copper, but at a larger cross-sectional area. Aluminum is much more lightweight than copper however, making it lighter overall and more cost-effective.

    Product Highlights

    • Class I and II rope-lay-stranded annealed aluminum conductors impart flexibility to the cable.
    • Aluminum has excellent conductivity at a lighter weight.
    • Protects buildings from costly fire and structural damage caused by lightning strikes.
    • Minimizes damage to computer, telephone, and electronic systems from power surges.

    Technical Standards

    UL 96     Requirements for lightning protection components installed on buildings and structures.

    Number of Strands Strand Size Cross-Sectional Area in Circular Mils Nominal Diameter (Inches) Weight Per 1000 Ft. (lbs)
    24 14 98,500 1/2" 95
    28 14 115,000 1/2" 115
    28 .0865 211,500 5/8" 202
    19 .1055 211,600 5/8" 199
    37 .0756 211,600 5/8" 199

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