There are various building wires in the market. Thanks to the technological advancement, the cables can now be made in such a way that they bear much resilience and durability. Building wires are exposed to much strenuous movements, they also incur alot of mechanical stresses due to the forces involved in the installation process. For a cable to be suitable for building wiring, it has to be designed with necessary features to beat these odds. A prominent insulation system is just one of the key features for a good building wire.Quality is something you cannot detach for a product in order for it to do well in the market. Our products have a profound touch of quality since they are designed and manufactured from some of the prominent worldwide designers such as General cable, South wire and Amercable. Nassau electrical is a dedicated and a profession team whose objective is to deliver top notch quality cables to the market. We out do our competitors because we love quality and we provides efficient services to our clients. XLP USE - 2 RHH RHW Copper Wire is just one of our excellent products.

The XLP USE-2 RHH RHW copper wire is primarily made up of a single copper conductor. The conductor is stranded which gives it more support. Stranding involves bundling of thinner wires so that the conductivity is improved. This cable is therefore stranded in the construction to enhance both the support and rigidity and also accomplish high electric conductivity. Besides that, it is also insulated to help prevent mechanical nicks that would deter the proficiency of the conductor. The insulation also enhances low power loss during transmission. Cases of electrical accidents are deterred due to its strong insulation system. The insulation is a cross linked polyethylene material which is moisture, heat and chemical resistant.

The XLP USE-2 RHH RHW is resistant to the chemical substances such as gasoline and oil. Where resilience is a key feature of a building wire, the cable is very appropriate for direct burial. Sunlight can also be a drawback to the functionality of any electrical cable especially where the aerial installation system is applied. Therefore, a cable which is subservient to the sunlight effects is not appropriate. The RHH RHW Copper cable doesn't show weakness against the sunlight effect, which should make you consider it when shopping. The temperature rating for this cable is 90 degrees Celsius both in wet and dry locations.Its prominent polyethylene jacket guarantees the safety and lifetime functionality of the conductors.

You could be wondering where appropriately can you use the XLP USE-2 RHH RHW copper wire in your electrical applications. With specialization, every system or application demands to be wired using the stipulated wire by the designer, therefore the knowledge on wire applications is highly important. Types USE-2, RHH/RHW-2 is appropriate and suited to be used in the general purpose wiring applications. Therefore, it can be used in the raceway installation. The wire is also applied in the direct burial and aerial installations. Flames could be serious destructive agent for electric systems, this copper wire is endowed with superior flame retardance feature appropriate for installations.

Copper cables have exceeding benefits compared to aluminum cables. They have extremely robust conductive properties and retain their stability for a longer time than aluminum. Types XLP/USE-2 and RHW-2 copper wires have the suitable combination of electrical conductivity and mechanical strength in their constructions. The flexible and durable armor protects the conductors from high heat, moisture, abrasion and corrosive chemicals.

Type XLP USE-2 RHH RHW-2 Copper wire is frequently applied in the electrical raceways like conduit. Conduits are cable channeling and protective structures for the wire against obstacles and abrasion. The conduit is made from metal or plastic, you can choose the conduit that fits your application. RHH cable suits dry locations like the desert regions, therefore should not be applied in locations with temperature above 90 degrees. The cables are appropriate for applications in both wet and dry locations. Type USE-2 conductors can be used for applied in the direct burial installation for service entrance cables.

Nassau electrical is obligated to sell only standard products, products which have stamps of approvals from regulatory bodies. There are very many fake cables out in the market, but such cables can fail your system. Our cable meets the following standards:

  • UL 44 and UL 854
  • Federal specification A-A-59544
  • ASTM B3,B8 and B787

We believe that our article on XLP USE-2 RHH RHW has given you some of the details which are invaluable to you. We like to give you the best of services that satisfies your need. So if you may have questions, then join our live chat where we will reach back to you.