Imagine a cable that is versatile and reliable. A cable you can use for mining purposes, heavy duty cabling and other electrical wiring duties. I bet you can agree with me that versatility is a matter of concern for all major stakeholders in industries world over. Think of a huge cable supplying power to a job site that is in dire need to run a generator or some other large power tools. One such cable is the  type W cable.

The main reason behind its capability to be used in most industries is because of its flexibility. But what exactly is a type W cable? This is a portable power cable generally used in industrial applications, supplying temporary power, heavy duty service and light to medium mining applications. You can as well use it for your motor, generator and battery leads. Also do not hesitate to use it for mobile and portable electrical equipment because I guarantee it will give you quality service. Even though it’s not really a Mining Cable, I bet it can work just as well as one.

Durability is one thing people need to be sure of whenever purchasing any product. You will glad to know type W cable is one durable product that will stand the test of time. As we will find out later there different kinds of type w cables in the market and this is because they vary in areas of use. Well, depending on the construction of a given cable, type w cable can be used for supplying power either in permanent or temporary wiring applications.

You need also to know that type w cable comes in a range of sizes from 8 AWG to 500 MCM. The voltage ratings of this cable ranges from 600 V to 2000 V and as such can be used either for continuous use applications or temporary application all with regards to the voltage ratings. The areas of application of type W cable are very harsh. To withstand this, the cable is rated -400 C to 900 C. To get a better sense of its quality and traits let us break down its construction.

Components of Type W Cable
Like is the case with most cables, this conductor is made of copper and thus transmits power quite fast depending on the kind of cable you have. As mentioned at the beginning, there are many types of type w cable. This cable type can actually be made anywhere from a single conductor up to five conductor construction. The conductors are made off highly stranded bare copper wires. Do not be surprised to find an 8 AWG conductor with up to 133 strands of copper. The particular reason for having such high stranding levels is simply to increase on the general flexibility of the cable.

Mining and construction industries, areas whereType W cable is often used require a cable with high resistance to flex fatigue. The high number of stranding of the cable increases its efficiency to operate in such harsh environments. In case you need a cable for temporary power supply then the multi- conductor cable is what you should go for. If looking for a more permanent usage power cable then the single conductor cable should be what to buy. The single conductor type w cable is also ideal when undertaking portable applications.

Insulation simply works to cover and protect the conductor. The insulating material for Type W is ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). Depending on the kind of cable you want, whether single or multi-conductor, the insulation thickness of type W cable ranges from 60 to 95 mils. For the sake of easy identification, the insulation is color coded regardless of the type of insulation used. Between the conductor and the insulation is a separator which enables the user to easily strip the cable especially during installation. Apart from the durability that comes with the stranded copper conductor, the insulating material equally plays a huge role in ensuring the cable is durable and performs up to task regardless of the harsh conditions surrounding it. It is resistant to oil, major chemicals, ozone, alkali, water and heat.

This is the outer most part of the cable holding everything in place. The jacket of Type W cable is a rubber like material made of chlorinated polyethylene (CPE). As the cable has different number and sizes of conduits, the thickness of the jacket will vary. The chlorinated polyethylene jacket is thermoset. This is to say that not unless the cable is cured by heat up to 3920 F, it remains to be a malleable material. Reheating, melting and reshaping cannot be done once the CPE has been set. In this case the type W jacket will be a heavy duty type of CPE that canbe reinforced only by use of a double layer.

But why a double layered jacket? This is a common question thrown by customers. The reason is that a strong jacketing material enables the cable to be resistant to cutting, flexing, sunlight, abrasions, dragging, flames and impact. The insulation and jacket materials used in Type W cable go a long way in increasing the durability as well as the protection of the cable.

Types of Type W Cable
As we have already established, you can be spoilt for choice when selecting type w cables. If you are not keen in terms of what you really want, it is very likely that you might pick the wrong cable. It is important that you realize each cable is unique and serves different purposes. Here are the various kinds of Type W cables available for sale at Nassau Electrical Supply;

1. 1 gauge Type W

2. Amercable red jumper cable flexible 5000/ 15000 volts 90C 37-221

3. Amercable tiger brand type W flat 2/C mold cured jacket 600/2000 volts mining cable 36-311

4. Amercable tiger brand type W flat 4/C mold cured jacket 600/2000 volts mining cable 36-314

5. Amercable tiger brand type W round 3/C mold cured jacket 2000 volts mining cable 36-431

6. Amercable enhanced plus thof ship to shore power cable 90C 600VoltsTS flexible 37-449

7. Amercable enhanced thof ship to shore power cable 90C 600VoltsTS flexible 37-449

8. Amercable mobile substation power cable type SH single conductor 5000 to 35000 volts 90C 37-449

9. Amercable tiger brand type W round 4/C mold-cured jacket 2000 volts mining cable 36-432

10.Anaconda brand Type W flat parallel portable EPR CPE 2000 volts four conductor

11.Anaconda brand Type W power flat parallel portable W/O ground EPR CPE 2000 volts two conductor

12.Anaconda brand Type W power round portable EPR CPE 2000 volts four conductor

13.Super Vu-tron single conductor (UL) Type W 2000 volts and Type RHH RHW 600 volt portable power cable

14.Super Vu-tron single conductor Type W extra flex 2000 volt UL listed

15.Type W power cable round

16.Type W- magnet crane cable round 2 conductors

Buying Type W Cable
Basically Type W cable fall in two categories, single conductor and multi conductor types. Now that you already know the kind of cable you need, you need to find out the specifics, features and all the finer details to ascertain that really it is all you need. The kind of application you need a cable will determine what type of cable to go for.

Single conductor Type W cable
This cable has been dual rated as RHH/RHW cable. Because of this, it can be comfortably used for permanent wiring as this rating makes it a great choice for general purpose use. It has high power ratings of 600 volts and as such it is often used in permanent wiring applications such as hoists, cranes and power supplies. The cable is also used in the installation of flexible power leads in conduits or in raceways.

It is a famous cable choice for those in the entertainment industry as it can be used for night clubs, television, sound systems, motion pictures, spotlights, mobile communication vans, and theater. Single conductor Type W has been has been designed to weather well in harsh environmental conditions. This is all owed the jacketing material which is chlorinated polyethylene (CPE). The CPE jacketing makes this cable to be ideal for use in wet and dry environments. It is ideal for such environments because the CPE jacketing is sunlight and water resistant. The cable is in line with the requirements of UL flame test and MSHA. This is to say that it can perform even in highly acidic and oily environments. Single conductor Type W withstands heat, alkali, flame, moisture and chemicals.

Multi- conductor Type W cable
Available in 2,3,4 0r 5 conductors this cable is color- -coded and provides indent printing on the jacket for easy identification. The insulation of this kindof cable is premium grade color coded EPDM with its temperatureratings standing at 900 C. the applications of this cable will differ depending on the number of conductors in the cable.

• 2 – Conductor cable is used for DC or AC single phase systems where grounding is not needed.
• 3 – Conductor cable is used in AC systems where no grounding is needed or in DC systems that have one conductor for grounding.
• 4- Conductor cable is used in two or three phase a systems with only one conductor for grounding.
• 5- Conductor cable is used in areas where separating a system neutral from the frame ground is needed.

Multi- conductor cables can be used for power supply of heavy duty service, motor and battery leads, mobile and portable equipments, industrial settings and medium duty mining applications. However, the construction and materials in a multi- conductor cable will establish where the cable is suitable.

Because of the many rope lay stranding, this cable is known to be quite flexible and with excellent impact resistance. The core of the cable also enhances the flexibility and toughness of the cable. You can find the multi- conductor cable in flat construction. This is the kind of cable with parallel conductors built to lay flat with polyester tapes separating every conductor. Flat type W cables have an added rugged CPE jacketing protecting the cable from oil, water and sunlight. It is suitable for use in battery chargers, oil field power, conveyors, lifting magnets, mobile mining equipments, drills and pumps, portable and temporary power supply in place where grounded circuit is not needed.

Uses of Type W Cable
The prime purpose of Type W cable is to supply power to mining equipments, cranes, cars, hoists, pumps and much more. Due to its ratings, it can be applied in surface and underground mining applications when bare grounding conductors are not necessary. It is the go- to choice for construction applications especially when flexibility is needed.

It is always safe to go for products that have been tested and proven safe for use. Go for products that are compliant with internally set standards and regulations. This kind of move will build confidence in customers to buy more and more from you. Nassau National Cable products adhere to all the necessary standards. Type W cable compliant with the following standards;

  • MSHA Listed
  • CSA Certified (file LR65300)
  • UL Listed (file E83541)
  • OSHA acceptable
  • Copper conductor conforms to ICEA S-75-381 Part 2 and UL requirements
  • EPDM insulator conforms to ICEA S-75-381 Part 3 and UL requirements for oil (60°C) and water resistance (90°)
  • RoHS Compliant

The type W is a unique cable constructed by a rope-lay, stranded annealed copper conductors which are very efficient and appropriate for heavy duty transmission works. The cable has two versions, one has a single conductor and another has multiple conductors.It has a reliable Ethylene Propylene insulation which keeps the user safe from electrocution so essentially the cable can be handled even while it conveys power. On top of the insulation is a black jacketing made of reinforced braid synthetic material for identification. The cable is tested and proven safe and of good quality by an array of standards organizations. If you need a cable with those properties, don’t look any further than the type W cable. You can as for a free quotation either at Nassau Electrical or Nassau National Cable today!