Marine Cables come in all manner of types. Not knowing the specifications of what you need may land you in some big time trouble and cause great damage that may affect all and sundry. That is why marine cables need to comply with the international standards set by different international bodies to ensure they are top notch. Due to the harsh environment in which marine cables operate, it is highly recommended that these very important tools be flame retardant, sunlight, oil and mud resistant.

Nobody understands these matters better than Nassau Electrical Supply. From our satisfied customers, we can indeed say that we are the hub of all matters cables and wires. Our products will meet all your cable needs from communication, control, signaling, instrumentation and distribution. Among them is the Type P Flexible Triad Signal Cable which is a marine cable. In this post we shade some light on the Type P Flexible Signal cable.

The Type P cable has a conductor with 18 AWG and 16 AWG and is made of copper. Copper plays a huge role in enabling the cable to be flexible and bend with regards to the desire of the user and also transmits electricity quite efficiently as compared to other metals.

There are a number of marine cables and identifying them is not easy as they almost seem similar. This one is color coded black, white and red and has printed numbers on it for easy identification. It is made of polyrad XT- 125 Irradiated Cross- Linked Polyolefin (XLPO). As chemicals and other deforming agents are to be expected in the marine environment, the XLPO helps the cable to be durable and resistant to chemicals.

In case you need the cable core binder tape that can be made available for you upon request. The black sheath made of Irradiated Cross- Linked Chlorinated Polyethylene (XL- CPE) plays a huge role in ensuring the cable is mud and oil resistant and thus also improving on the durability of the Type P marine cable. The overall shielding and the individually shielded triads have been made of aluminum/ polymer tape and tinned copper drained wire for flexibility of the cable.

There are several international standards set for marine cables and measures have been put in place simply for safety purposes. In line with these standards, the cable meets the NEK 606 mud oil resistant requirement with ester based muds. This ensures the cable performs well regardless of the oily and muddy environment. It also meets the UL 2225 crush impact requirements of type MC- HL cables. It has also been allowed for Exposed Run hazardous location “ER-HL” use in accordance with NEC for 3 conductors or more and O.D of 1.00” or less.

The copper stranding enables one to easily bend, install and terminate the cable. Its temperature ratings stand at 1250 C for long life, higher ampacities and protection from thermal overloads. The cable has been taken through cold tests. Its cold bend test is at -550 C while its impact test is at -400 C.

For safety purposes this marine cable has been rated as follows;

  • API-P14F
  • CSA C22.2 No. 245 type X110
  • CSA C22.2 No. 230 Type TC
  • IEEE 1580- 2010 Type P
  • IEC 60092 -350
  • Mud oil- resistant
  • UL 1309 Type X110
  • UL Listed 1100 C Marine Shipboard Cable
  • UL 2225 Type TC- ER- HL

Flame test
It has been taken through the following flame tests;

  • IEEE 1202
  • IEC 60332- 3- 22 Cat. A (Supersedes IEC 60332-3A)
  • CSA C22.2 No. 0.3 FT4

This marine cable is used in offshore gas and oil drilling platforms, MODUs, ships and FPSOs. It is also used in land based oil and gas drilling rigs. The cable is ideal for use in class 1, division 2 and zone 2 environments when installed in accordance with API- RP14F or NEC Article 501. The TC- ER- HL is suitable for use in class 1, division 1 and zone 1 environments when installed in accordance with API- RP14F or NEC Article 501. 

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