Marine cables are vital components of engine leads for marine equipment like shipboards and oil rigs. For the sake of safety, the cables are constructed under international parameters and as such they meet all the necessary standards needed for marine cables. Generally all conductors of marine cables are made of stranded annealed copper to bring about flexibility and also made in small sizes to provide economical solutions as well as great stability. You will be glad to know that they are oil and mud resistant and thus will not be affected by oily and muddy environments. Nassau Electrical Supply has a wide range of marine cables each uniquely suited for special duties. Among them is the Type P Flexible Multi- conductor Power cable. With this at hand you will certainly be on the safe side while at sea. Now a quick look at this cable;

Being a marine cable is made with 8 AWG through 777 kcmil soft annealed tinned copper flexible strand. As mentioned at the beginning, this feature enables the cable to easily bend according to the needs of the customer.

Color coded Per IEEE 1580 Table 22, the Type P flexible cable has a polyrad XT- 125 Irradiated Cross-linked polyolefin (XLPO). As compared to other ordinary thermoplastic polyethylene, this Type P cable withstands higher and lower temperatures. It also provides great resistance against various chemicals and deformations.

The sheath has been made with black irradiated cross linked chlorinated polyethylene (XL- CPE). This is the feature that enables this marine cable to be resistant to mud and oil. The cable core is cabled with fillers and core binder tapes when needed. Other color codes can as well be made available upon request.

This Type P flexible multi- conductor cable is a favorite among marine users because of its excellent and outstanding features. It meets the internationally set requirements NEK 606 that all marine cables should adhere to. This requirement states that marine cables need to be resistant to oil and mud due to the environment in which they operate. This feature plays a huge role in the long life of the cable.

It also meets another international requirement; the UL 2225 requirement for Type MC- HL cables. As the sea often experiences huge turbulences that may at times cause hazardous impacts, this cable has been uniquely designed in accordance to the UL 2225 requirement to enable it to crush and impact free. This multi- conductor cable has also been permitted for Exposed Run “ER” for open wiring use in accordance with the NEC for 3 conductors or more, 6 AWG and smaller.

Marine Cables are usually made with copper conductors. This one is no exception. This feature enables this cable to have very flexible stranding that facilitates easy installation of the cable as well as termination.

The marine life is often very cold, which may hinder the ultimate performance of cables. You will be glad to know that temperature fluctuations of any kind do not affect this marine cable. To prove this, it has been taken through some cold tests and performed excellently. It meets the cold bend test at -550 C and also meets the cold impact test at – 400 C. Its temperature is rated at 1250 C for long life, higher ampacities and protection from thermal overloads.

As mentioned at the beginning, marine cables are specially made to meet all the international standards. The following is a list of international ratings and flame tests this cable has been taken through;

  • API-P14F
  • CSA C22.2 No. 245 type X110
  • CSA C22.2 No. 38 type RW90
  • CSA C22.2 No. 230 type TC
  • IEEE 1580- 2010 Type P
  • IEC 60092 -350
  • Mud oil- resistant
  • UL 1309 Type X110
  • UL Listed 1100 C Marine Shipboard Cable

Flame test
This cable has been taken through the following flame tests;

  • IEEE 1202
  • IEC 60332- 3- 22 Cat. A (Supersedes IEC 60332-3A)
  • CSA C22.2 No. 0.3 FT4

As this is a marine cable, it is used for offshore oil and gas drilling platforms, ships, FPSOs and MODUs.  It is also used in land based oil and gas drilling rigs. The cable is best suited for use in class 1 division 2 and zone 2 locations when installed in accordance with API-RP14F or NEC Article 501.

The Type P flexible multi- conductor is one cable you will be glad to have with you. Clearly with its outstanding features you can bet your life on it. Nassau Electrical Supply has this and more electrical cables and wires for all your cable problems. Feel free to engage with us via live chat on our website. Our team of experts will be glad to give satisfying feedback to all your queries.