The Tray Cable VNTC is some of the wide range of industrial cables found on the market. VNTC stands for Vinyl Nylon Tray Cable. A tray cable is a power cable or multi-conductor control cable rated at 600volts and is suited for use in cable trays, conduits, racetracks and outdoor use for applications supported by a messenger wire. This cable is among the array of products found at Nassau national cable a reliable supplier of wire and cable products.

On this post I will share with you the details of the tray cable VNTC. Let’s get to the details

Construction of the Tray Cable VNTC
This cable has a conductor which is efficient in transmission of high voltage power hence it can be used in heavy duty applications. The heavy duty cable is also constructed with an insulator which is flame retardant hence can still function in case of fire outbreak. When it comes to shielding, the tray cable has a variety of shielded and unshielded options. A flame retardant jacket covers the shield which offers maximum protection against flames. With this type of construction you can rest assured the tray cable is highly durable and reliable.

Components of a typical Tray Cable VNTC
The conductor
The conductor is the innermost part of the cable and it’s really what the cable is all about because if a cable lacks a conductor then it’s of no use. It’s a transmission medium of electric current. Mostly, the conductor used is copper because of its high conductivity rate.

The insulator
Cables that have a conductor, it’s also vital to put an insulator in place in a bid to ensure that anyone who would otherwise come into contact with the live wire is safe. The cable’s insulation prevents direct contact with the live wire by users and handlers. The insulation used on this cable is often polyvinylchloride (PVC) though occasionally a custom insulation can be adopted depending on the unique needs of your cabling project.

Cable shield
As hinted earlier this cable has both shielded and unshielded options. The shield option prevents electrical and electromagnetic energy from causing external interference. The material used on the shield is often either aluminum or polyester.

Cable jacket
The Tray cable VNTC is enclosed with a very robust jacket that is flame retardant. In addition, it also offers reliable resistance to moisture and sunlight. With these properties the jacket is able to protect the cable from external forces which may cause damage either during the installations or in the course of its lifetime of service. It also prevents damage of the cable during installation. The material used for the jacket on this type of cable is mainly PVC.

Types of Tray Cable VNTC
There is a wide variety of tray cables VNTC readily available at Nassau national cable suited for your needs. It just depends with your area of application. The following types of tray cables can be easily found at Nassau national cable:

Choosing a Tray Cable VNTC
By the time you decide to choose an appropriate Tray Cable for your project, I presume you’d have already gone through the products readily available at our website, if you have checked keenly the cables have been divided in to different classes based on different features of Tray cables.

There’s one attribute you really have to be keen on when it comes to choosing the tray cable VNTC; there are both shielded and unshielded options. For shielded option the cable is reinforced with a shield that enables it to perform in heavy duty applications. For the unshielded options it can perform at its best in medium duty or light duty applications. Choosing the tray cable just depends with the intensity of the work you want done, handling, safety and the type of installation you desire.

Features of a Tray Cable
The features that a cable has are the unique characteristics that enable it to perform its functions effectively. One awesome feature about this cable is that its oil resistant so it perform effectively even in scenarios where oil is involved; an aspect that would make it your cable of choice for an oil rig. It’s an excellent industrial power and control cable

The cable is number coded so it’s very easy to route and terminate making it less hazardous as compared to unmarked cables.

Flexibility is another amazing feature of this cable which makes it easy to install.

This cable is rated at 90 degrees Celsius in dry conditions and 75 degrees Celsius in wet conditions so ideally it is the cable you should think about if you’re contemplating one that can perform well in both dry and wet conditions.

Another amazing feature of the Tray Cable VNTC is that they are highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals which may bring damage to the cable; this makes it very durable.

Moreover, they can also be found in many colors of your choice. If you love green, yellow blue or white, name it!

The VNTCs also have rip cords which ensures easy jacket removal. At some point you may want to remove the jacket during installation and most of these jackets are tough and hard to remove, this is where the rip cords come in handy. It enables the use to remove the jacket without causing damage to the cable and with ease.

Ratings and approvals
It’s advisable to work with products that have been tested and proven safe to use by international standards. This cable supplied at Nassau National Cable has been proven safe to use by the following standards:

  • UL Standard 1277 Type TC-ER
  • NEC Article 336
  • Passes UL 1685 Flame Test
  • Passes IEEE 383 Flame Test (70,000 btu)
  • ICEA S-73-532
  • ICEA S-95-658 (WC70)
  • Meets NFPA79 2007 machinery wiring standard
  • RoHS Compliant
  • CSA
  • CE

With the approval of the above international standards you can be rest assured that the product is safe for use.

Applications of Tray Cable VNTC
The tray cable has a wide range of applications. These application areas include:

1.Used in conduit, cable tray or direct burial
2.Used in control, power lighting and telemetering where a heat and electrically stable insulation is required
3. Used in open air and raceways
4.Can be used to power up chemical plants and petroleum refineries
5.Can also be used in intercom systems
6.Can be used in various high power functions

Why the Tray Cable VNTC would be what you need
VNTC Tray Cable has numerous benefits that come with buying it. First of all this cable is very much affordable so you don’t have to dig deep in to your pockets. In addition the cable is durable and reliable, in that case you will least expect it to fail in performing its functions. It’s amazing in built features also make it very easy to install and maintain.

You must be on the lookout in choosing your supplier. Most suppliers out there are a sham and are only interested in your money and then sell you low quality products. Your supplier must be reliable and renowned. Nassau National Cable is an example of such a company. We offer good services and supply high quality cables to our customers. If you have any query get in touch with us or visit us on our website, we will gladly respond to your questions.