THHN is an acronym meaning Thermoplastic High Heat Resistant Nylon referring to a resin toughened through the process of heating and then slowed cooling to enhance its insulation capabilities. THWN on the other hand refers to Thermoplastic Heat and water resistant nylon. These acronyms make mention to the kind of insulation used on the cable. The coating of nylon provides heat resistant and water resistant properties to protect the conductors. Due to the nylon properties, the cable is sheltered from the corrosive effects of long exposure to sunlight and moisture that could render the cable useless without the intervention of the insulation. Another advantage of the cable insulation is to protect against electric shock allowing safe handling and also cutting down the risk of occurrence of a fire.Nassau electrical is a dedicated cable shop whose products are of high quality and wide variety.

While the THHN THWN – copper 2 wire can be used outside the enclosure and protection of a conduit or cable tray it is good practice to install it through conduits instead. These enclosures protect the cable from scratching and tearing. Moreover, the cable is more popularly used in conduits. Compared to the armored cable, the THHN THWN – copper 2 cable is a more economical option especially when used in conduits. This is so even though the armored cable has the advantage of multiple layers of armory.

There are THHN THWN – copper 2 wires of different gauges with each of the sizes having a limit to the specific amount of amperage it can support. For this reason, the cable is used across the world in numerous industrial and domestic applications. In addition to that, the wires are included as part of other complex cables. Made from copper wire conductors, THHN THWN – copper 2 cable has powerful and reliable conduction capabilities. In addition to the superb conductivity of the cable, the copper conductors are also color coded.

Internal Wiring Applications
The thin models of the cable are suited for use in internal wiring in electronics like TV sets and computers. In internal wiring applications, the advantage of color coding is made quite clear. Having separately colored conductors helps in doing organized work, considering the large number of circuits that need to be connected in this case. The copper conductors used in THHN THWN – copper 2 cables have gone through the process of annealing which makes them much more flexible. The resulting enhanced flexibility is a useful feature allowing lengthy cables to be fitted into a small space.

Apart from application in internal wiring, the THHN THWN – copper 2 cables with small diameters can also be applied in connecting low rated household appliances and in the lighting circuit. Cables ranging from gauge 14 to 12 can effectively handle the less than 12 ampere ratings of small household equipment. The gauge 14 size is also appropriate for the purpose of transmission of public light signals because of its protection from dryness, impermeability to moisture and durability. Thus it can sustain the amount of power needed to propagate the light signal.

The large version of the THHN THWN – copper 2 cable on the other hand is used in large house appliances. These equipment have a higher ampere rating and thus a larger cable is needed to supply them with power.

Industrial applications
In industrial applications, THHN THWN – copper 2 wires are used mainly as feeder cables and in branch circuits and also for service entry. From the transformer supply, the feeder connects the power supply to the main distribution panel. From here, branch circuits distribute power from the distribution panel through to the interior outlets of the building. The Copper Cable is the preferred choice for this application because it is cheaper and its conductive power is adequate to meet the amperage requirements. Moreover, copper’s antimicrobial capabilities ensure that corrosion from bacterial activities does not occur.

In the case of service entry application, there is a huge demand on wattage enough to cater for an entire building thus the THHN THWN – copper 2 cable is used. Service entry refers to distribution of power into a building from the stepped down voltage at the transformer.

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