Nassau Electrical is a dedicated supplier of various electrical cables. Crush and Impact Resistance power cable is just one amidst various brands we supply. Power cables are designed to transmit high voltage power.CIR power cable passes stringent, crush and impact tests in compliance with the UL 2225 and Type MC-HL. This product whose size is 750 MCM, and has four conductors. Nassau electrical delights to supply this power cable, a cable with outright prominence over the mechanical odds that prevail in the installation and functionality process.

The construction of the CIR power cable is composed soft annealed flexible stranded tinned copper cable. The design and the choice of this conductor is strictly in compliance with IEEE 1580.These conductors are arctic grade, they can either be four or three conductors. The power rate for Amercable CIR power cable is 0.6/1Kv rated as 90C 37-102-434. Other types of Amercable is Gexol Insulated Oil & Gas cables. These are cables for industry's premium power, control and instrumentation application. Gexol cables are very robust, this is highly depicted in its high performance and endurance in operating in harsh environments like offshore drilling. It is also applied in the petroleum facilities. Reliability is a key concern when choosing and using a power cable.You can rely on Gexol Insulated Oil & Gas cables for safety, reliability and good performance even in harsh conditions. This cable is stranded, with diameters subjected to +/-55 manufacturing tolerance.

Fast and Ease of Installation
Installation is a key part of electrical work. It can be entirely exhausting to an electrician in the field. Therefore the type of cable installed can make the activity more exhausting or easier. A cable which makes installation easier is more desired than the rigid, non-flexible cables. For CIR cable, its installation is fastest and is safest crush-proof during installation. Compared to metal clad cable installation which demands an expensive tools box and a multi-step procedure during jacket removal. These are among the advantages that make the cable trudge ahead of other power cables.

Thanks to the proper insulation technology which guarantees a governed and protected cable system. Insulation prevents unnecessary but fatal short circuiting. The system and conductor longevity is highly linked with the stringiness of its insulation. The insulation for CIR power cable is cross-linked flame retardant polyolefin. This insulation system meets the requirements for type P of the IEEE 1580 application and the Type X110 of UL 1309/CSA 245.

The jacket system is equally robust. Remember this cable is being used in the off shore drill systems and in the petroleum facilities, therefore, it has to be flame retardant, oil, chemical substance and abrasion resistant. It is equally designed to rebuff the sunlight effects for it to work well in the outdoor applications where sun heat is inevitable. The jacket is made of thermosetting compound whose properties meet the UL 1309/CSA 245 and IEEE 1580 applications.

Crush and Impact Resistance cables are designed not only to show extreme strength property but also made a very flexible alternative to Type MC Cable. This cable is to be used where the desired cable must have a crush and impact protection. The CIR cable very safe to handle, it has no sharp metal armored edges that will impale a workers hand during splicing and installation. Its enumerable and outstanding strength together with its prowess to transmit high voltage are the essential features that should lobby you to considering this cable. CIR cable is prominently used in the offshore drilling systems and the petroleum factories. Its safety is assured, no flame.

Here, I enumerate some of the technical features of the cable as prescribed by the designer:

  • It exceeds CSA cold bend/ cold impact
  • It is watertight and airtight
  • Can make smaller bend radii of about 40% than Type MC
  • Complies with UL 2225 standards
  • Reduced installation time and cost due to its ease to bending. Glands of the product cost up to 50 percent less than those for Type MC
  • It has reduced tray fill to about 30 percent

I cannot understand why you should be hesitant to grab this product. It is available at Nassau electrical, all awaits you to step forth. Make your order now. We delight to serve you. CIR cable is one our best products in the world. You can scroll down and skim through what we have for you.